We Are Getting DUMBER?

Thoughtful businessman standing in a dark room

I’m sure you’ve been frustrated at the human race a time or two, so this news may not come to a surprise to you. People just keep on getting DUMBER. This is all according to a new study, out of Norway.

The researchers took men born between 1962 and 1991, studied their IQ test results, and apparently came to the conclusion that every generation was DUMBER than the one before it by about seven IQ points. I wonder if they would have had the same results had they tested women?

Why?  Well, three things stood out to the researchers when they tried to account for every factor:  The quality of education is not as good as it used to be . . . nutrition is getting worse (I know mine is nonexistent)  . . . and every generation has more and more exposure to media. Thanks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc!

They still stay that people (mainly teens) can improve their IQ.

So it’s time to start making sure your kids really focus on their education . . . have healthy eating habits . . . and stop buying them iPhones too early, so you can keep them away from eight billion types of media that are trying to grab their eyeballs.



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