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Well That’s Embarrassing! You Believed THAT?

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Parents tell their kids alllllll kinds of things, just for fun, to get them to behave, etc. What’s worse? Kids believe it! And sometimes….. for most of their lives! So it can get embarrassing.

Someone on Reddit recently asked to name the most embarrassing thing they believed as a child. Personally, my dad told me the novel The Catcher in the Rye was about a baseball catcher. I believed him up until Junior year AP English class….

A friend of mine watched the Exorcist when he was YOOOOOUNG, and his uncle told him that the girl turned green from eating bad lettuce. Pretty sure he STILL doesn’t eat lettuce. We are in our late 20’s!

Here are some good stories from online:

1.  Someone believed that if you plucked a hair off your head and planted it in the ground, more hair would grow . . . because hairs have “roots.”

2.  That limes were just lemons that weren’t ripe yet.

3.  That gravy was just turkey blood.  The guy behind that one thought it was true until he mentioned it at work when he was 25.

4.  That if you took medicine for a condition you didn’t have, it would give you that condition.  Like if you took Benadryl, you’d end up with allergies.

5.  That the light at the bottom of a pool was a trap door to the ocean, and sharks could sneak through.

6.  That every time you pass gas, your heart skips a beat.

7.  That a really skinny guy worked inside every traffic light pole, and switched the lights from red to green.

8.  That if you watched a PG-13 movie before you were 13, you’d get arrested.  (Getting arrested for cutting off mattress tags is another one a lot of kids believed.)


via Reddit

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