Where Is All Of Your Money Going?

Close-up image of woman texting and drinking coffee outdoors

Ok, Americans, we spend WAY too much on eating out, and drinks such as coffee or smoothies!

A new study looked at the average amount of money Americans spend on eating out and coffee, or smoothies, and the results are: A LOT!

The average person:
Eats out – 2.4 times a week, for an average of $19.58; Making an average of 125 times a year, for a grand total of $2,443.
Buys a drink – 2.5 times a week, for an average of $3.72 (most people must NOT be drinking Starbucks then…); Making an average of 130 times a year, for a grand total of $484.

The grand GRAND total spent on average annually….. $2,927 on just food and drinks!!!! That means that the last five years the average perosn has spent over $14,000!!!!


via Bankrate



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