Who Needs SIX Engagement Rings???

Beautiful jewelry rings (high resolution 3D image)

Dennis Brown II proposed to his girlfriend last week, and he is either the most indecisive, or most thoughtful boyfriend ever. It was a very elaborate proposal, but what sticks out most is the fact that he proposed with SIX engagement rings.

IF this was some kind of detail in order to go viral, it’s working, just not how he might have imagined. Some view the six rings as sweet, and thoughtful, but others view it as a red flag of indecisiveness.

One woman tweeted, quote, “If a man proposes with six rings, he’s indecisive [or] he doesn’t know me well.  Either way it’s a flag.”

Atara Dallas, Dennis’ girlfriend, liked it, and said yes, which is all that really matters, right? She picked a teardrop shaped ring.


via New York Post



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