Worst Jobs In America

It’s Randi Taylor, and I feel like this list comes out multiple times a year… but yet again, her is a list of the worst jobs in America. Luckily for me (and depending on how you wanna label me), my job made the top 10 TWICE! How did you fare?

1.  Taxi driver.

2.  Logger.

3.  Newspaper reporter.

4.  Retail salesperson.

5.  Enlisted military personnel.  (The study admits it’s tough to put serving your country on a “worst jobs” list . . . but the pay is low and the stress is high.)

6.  Corrections officer.

7.  DJ.  (Ouch.)

8.  Broadcaster.

9.  Advertising salesperson.

10.  Painter.


via 24/7 Wall Street


(Here are all 25 jobs on the list.)



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